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Big boys are getting worried about DivX ;-)

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 27 Mar 2000 17:40

Major news agencies on the web are raported about this pretty-familiar-to-aD-users technology called "DivX ;-)" that is based on MPEG4 video and MP3 audio compression.
"DivX is what MP3 was to the music industry," said Wayne Chang, a Haverhill, Mass., student who manages the discussion boards for the Napster online music trading community, and who says he's begun to see the format catch on. "It's definitely going to stir up some trouble."

Some very naive comments mentioned in this Yahoo article, I might say... Check it out:

"It's never going to be as big as music," said Seamus McAteer, an analyst for Jupiter Communications. "It's a lot easier to (copy) music, to post it and to download it. It's not going to happen (with video) in the foreseeable future."

What can I say? Some of us remember the times when getting the freaking 2400bps SupraModem was the coolest thing ever. Now everybody who uses even a little bit more Internet than average citizen is at least considering to get xDSL connection. And with xDSL, downloading a full-length DivX ;-) movie it takes few hours with no cost. And even the major players, like AOL-Time Warner and Microsoft are pushing people to get faster and faster net connections..

And as most of you know -- DivX ;-) tools can be downloaded from our site, just visit the software archive and get into the format now.

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