AfterDawn: Tech news may face the truth in this month

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Apr 2000 19:55 may face the final truth already in this month in its case against RIAA. RIAA filed lawsuits against website few months ago claiming that its service violates its members' copyrights.
Basically service gives users an ability to send CD that they own and will put that CD in MP3 format in user's personal file area in and user can then access the music through that service and sell the original CD. This is pretty much what anyone can do with their CDs -- people can copy the CD into tapes, blank CDs, etc and then sell the originals if they want. Anyway, RIAA claims that this is illegal.

In today's hearing, the main point was RIAA's request to judge the case as soon as possible without taking the whole court process to the end. The judge decided to give his decision for this request on 28th April.

RIAA is looking for $150,000 per album, totaling almost $10 billion...

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