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Change from Internet to Freenet

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 26 Apr 2000 19:13 User comments (3)

London programmer Ian Clarke and rapidly growing bunch of volunteers are working to develop a way to change Internet into "Freenet", a network that works a little bit like Gnutella's main idea -- to make Internet more flexible by creating "mini networks" between people and to secure all connections, file transfers, etc and to keep total anonymity for users. Basically Freenet changes regular users machine from "dumb client" into small host.
This may be the key that finally puts record industry, BSA, MPAA and other copyright authorities against the wall. By letting people to keep total anonymity, to allow content distribution over secure connections without any centralized ports, it basically makes impossible for copyright owners and ISPs to block illegal distribution of software, music, etc..

But in other hand -- it provides safe way to communicate without fear of loss of privacy, etc..

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3 user comments

113.10.2007 1:10

The titles don't jib with the articles when you click to view them.. This article was labeled Netflix users.... and another article labeled Woman pays her own fine turned up with stats on BitTOrrent. Am I nutz?

213.10.2007 1:49

No, someone screwed up at After Dawn. Annoying, no?

313.10.2007 9:02

Yup! certainly is.

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