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Main news services are noticing DivX revolution

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 12 May 2000 19:35

ZDNet reported today about almost-legendary "DivX ;-)" format with very familiar warnings and notices. As most/some of us already are familiar with this great technology, we know what's it capable of.
ZDNet expects, as do I, to see 1997/98 kind of a boom in Internet piracy. In late 1997 mainstream audience finally noticed MP3 and its capabilities for storing, trading and spreading music over the Internet. Even then, MP3s were rather old format, but it took a while to make it a big hit. Now, about three years lates, propably mostly the same audience who back in 1996 already traded and encoded MP3s (remember L3Enc -- took 1 hour to encode one track into MP3 :-) are already doing DVD to DivX copies.

Oh, yes. You can find full DivX movies all around the web, just look around (specially if you know what you're looking for). And when the mainstream will catch up this format -- it might take a one total killer app that reduces the compression time from 12hrs to 1hr -- Hollywood is in the same position as RIAA is now.

ZDNet's article

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