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Limits on MP3s

Written by Jari Ketola @ 17 Jun 2000 14:11

While the major record labels see the Napster as a threat, and do everything in their might to close it down, to some Napster means good times. To Refined Records and Trymedia Systems of San Francisco, Napster and its ilk are a great way to reach customers.
Trymedia makes software to protect digital music, video and other forms of content against unauthorized copying. Its latest product installs a hidden lock on MP3 files -- the most popular form of downloadable music -- that reappears every time the file is swapped from user to user. Refined Records, an upstart record label, is the first to employ Trymedia's ``viral distribution'' software. It plans to put several tracks from its two jazz CDs onto Napster, using Trymedia's technology to collect a name and address from anyone who wants to keep the songs they download.
Source: San Jose Mercury News

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