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Microsoft's Jumbo has landed

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 18 Jul 2000 19:23

Huge pile of MP3 player, that is. I'm speaking now about Microsoft's Media Player 7, released today.
Ok, it offers some features that I've been looking for -- nothing for MP3 playback, but for video playback, most notable, the possibility to create video playlists on the fly and play those. (I've moved from MP3s to music videos..)

But overall, it's huge, it's heavy, it has zillion useless features and it's BIG. It has skin support which probably attracts bunch of people. It also supports basically all media formats available today and you can create nice playlists mixing different kind of files (videos & music). But still.. c'mon! Try to use it with less than Pentium-II 350 and you get pretty annoyed.

I loved the MediaPlayer 6.4 - it's the smallest, fastest and easiest play-em-all player available. And MP7 is everything else..

But anyway, give it a shot, I have this weird attitude against MS and huge proggies w/ useless features.

Download Microsoft Media Player 7

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