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Stephen King, role model for musicians?

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 25 Jul 2000 8:57

As probably most of you already know (avoiding the fuzz is almost impossible in this case), super-popular horror writer Stephen King released his latest novel "The Plant" in Internet yesterday.
Interesting this is because of his method how to do it -- novel is splitted into 10 small parts, containing 20 pages each and users can download the first part from his web site for free if they want. King just expects people to pay in "honor" system -- if users really appreciate his work, they pay $1 for this first part.

He also has his hook how to make people to pay for him -- he says that he only releases first two parts if less than 75% of the users, who have downloaded the first two parts, pay for him. So, if you want this story to end, you pay him :-)

Interesting model overall, but probably just works for huge names like Mr. King. It would be nice to see, if musicians head to same direction...

Book is available only in PDF format, but basically all platforms have some sort of a PDF reader.

Oh, download the copy and pay him (please pay him, I want to read the story in full :-) through his website

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