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American users swapped 11M hours of music in June

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 Aug 2000 18:37

NetValue, a France-based internet traffic measurement company, has added up some facts of Napster and its usage.
In June, 2000 American (note, only American counted in here) users, 5.6M of them, used Napster to share totally over 11 million hours of music.. Nice amount of data, if you think that average minute of good quality MP3 music takes about a megabyte. That's about 645 terabytes of data... (correct me if I'm wrong in here)

Oh, just a thought; have you read MP3 news in so-called "real news sites" -- they keep dubbing Napster as a site: "Napster's site increased traffic that and that much", "Napster's site is going to be shut down", etc... Funny.

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