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DVD-RAM devices to replace VCRs? Not soon...

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 09 Aug 2000 8:31

Panasonic is about to start shipping their stand-alone DVD-RAM device, which uses new 4.7GB DVD-RAM format and allows 240min to be recorded on one DVD-RAM disc.
Sounds nice, finally a really good digital media for videos...? Check the price tag first -- recorder is about to be priced around $3000-4000 and one DVD-RAM disc costs $30-40..

Still, it's a start -- I remember back in '96 when one CD-ROM used to cost $5 - $8.. And now you can get them for 10cents if they're in sale.

Anyway, all the freaks who really want DVD-RAM, can check out PC version with IDE port -- priced $550 from Panasonic.

Check out Panasonic website`

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