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WinAMP v3.0 -- some information from AOL

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 Aug 2000 10:36

Monday AOL gave their up-coming AOL 6.0 suite to test drive for bunch of analysts. In the press conference their spokeswoman Anne Bentley gave some information about their new "beefed-up version of WinAMP".
AOL 6.0 is about to be launched in end of the year and it will contain new version of WinAMP. According to this release above, new WinAMP is able to play audio and video (!!) and supports also streaming formats like MP3 and RealNetworks' format.

Nice, finally I can kick the Windows Mediaplayer to Recycle Bin... Only thing that I'm scared of, is the fact that by adding new features NullSoft might be creating a new "bloat-ware" -- a program, that is too huge, too difficult and too slow to use (check MS MediaPlayer 7...)

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