AfterDawn: Tech news has to pay $250M to UMG

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 06 Sep 2000 12:04

Judge Rikoff ruled today that willfully violated Universal Music Group's copyrights when they created their 80,000 album digital database to support their
Universal asked in yesterday's closings penalties of $450M, $45,000 per CD -- Universal claims that 10,000 of's CDs are copyrighted material of Universal. asked judge to rule that didn't willfully violate Universal's copyrights and asked the penalties to be set in $500 per CD. also claimed that only 4,700 of their albums are from Universal.

Now judge ruled the damages to be $25,000 per CD -- a clear victory for Seagram's UMG. But of course will appeal.

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