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Looking good for Napster for a change

Written by Jari Ketola @ 10 Oct 2000 15:38

According to a potential jury pool survey released today, things are looking rather good for Napster before the jury hearing in the lawsuit brought by the RIAA.
As much as 41.5 percent of one thousand men and women over 18 who participated in the survey think that taking music from the Internet for personal use should be free. Only 19 percent think the music should be free for commercial use as well. The survey was published by National Law Journal and made by DecisionQuest.

"These data should be music to Napster's ears," said DecisionQuest vice president David Davis in a statement. "It is very difficult to win a case by attempting to change jurors' preexisting attitudes. Add to this that judge's instructions are often ignored, and we have a scenario where the barrier to persuading a unanimous jury to find against an alleged Internet 'pirate' may be a note that is too high to reach."


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