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MP3Board's case moves to New York

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 Oct 2000 19:06

When all the fuzz is around Napster, please don't forget the others in this MP3 war., an MP3 search engine sued by RIAA and bunch of labels, is on the news again.
Nothing major this time -- MP3Board is sued by RIAA and separate labels in California and in New York. Now California court dismissed the lawsuit in California, because identical case in ongoing in New York state - California cases will be bundled to this case.

This order only effects to separate lawsuits filed by labels themselves - RIAA's case is still pending in California.

MP3Board's case actually might be even more important to the future of the Internet than Napster's -- if MP3Board loses, it might ultimately mean that we (people who run websites) would be responsible for all the content that we link to. And what happens to "legal" search engines such as AltaVista? If somebody finds child porn through AltaVista, is AltaVista reponsible of that content?

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