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MP3 audio casette

Written by Jari Ketola @ 28 Oct 2000 15:15

Got a tape deck or a walkman lying around somewhere and you can't figure out what to do with it now that everything has gone digital? Worry no more! The Duo-MP3 player is here.
Duo is a digital music player that looks exactly like an audio casette. It works pretty much like a tape-adapter for a CD-player does - you download the music from a computer and stick the casette into a casette deck and hit play. Of course, when you leave home you just pick up the casette from the deck, connect the headphones to the device and slip it in your pocket, and you're set to go!

The versatile Duo from Digisette is one of the lightest MP3-players on the market, and costs $249, which includes a 32MB flash memory card, a battery, and a plug-in charger. There's also an expansion slot available for a second flash memory card.

Check out Digisette web site for more information! The gadget seems to be spot-on for everyone looking to playback MP3s on their existing stereo system without too much hassle.

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