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Wireless MP3 service from Sprint

Written by Jari Ketola @ 01 Nov 2000 13:18

Sprint PCS launched it's wireless MP3 service today on Wednesday. The company is trying to establish a foothold on the developing MP3 storage market with a new, although expected, kind of a service.
The MP3 storage locker service Sprint has developed in conjunction with the Web company Hit Hive allows the users to store their CDs in MP3 format on the server. The songs can then be transferred from the storage to the user's portable wireless MP3 player.

Srpint will start selling a new hybrid MP3 player / mobile phone using which the users can take advantage of the service. Current mobile data transfer rates are way too low for obtaining acceptable transfer times between the storage server and the wireless MP3-player.

What Sprint PCS are doing is pioneering the market and trying to establish a strong foothold and experience with wireless content delivery. When the technology catches up with the demands of the market, Sprint will be ready with their already running service.

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