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Behind the scenes of digital-music copyrights

Written by Jari Ketola @ 29 Nov 2000 12:52

While the court battles of Napster and make the headlines just about every week, there are some legal battles on the digital-music front you don't hear about that often. A series of digital-music companies are asking for new revisions to the U.S. copyright laws. The revisions would tie up loose ends in the law, and spur the development of on-line digital music deployment.
"Two years ago, Congress wasn't prepared to deal with these issues," says Jonathan Potter, executive director of the Digital Media Association, which represents 70 companies that develop and utilize digital technologies to enable Webcasting and the sale of music and video over the Internet. "Online media and the digital-music industries were just getting under way."

The requests of companies such as RealNetworks, Launch, Myplay and MusicMatch were heard at a hearing coverned by U.S. Copyright Office and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The agencies expect to report back to Congress by February.

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