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EMusic wants Napster to block users

Written by Jari Ketola @ 30 Nov 2000 14:07

EMusic has demanded Napster to block 600 users who have supposedly been trading EMusic songs through Napster's file-swapping service. Requests for thousands of more blockades are coming.
Napster is yet to respond to EMusics demands, but these kinds of demands are no news to Napster. Earlier this year Napster blocked thousands of users from accessing their service after the heavy-metal group Metallica demanded users distributing their music to be banned from the service.

EMusic has gathered the list of names they want banned using the software they introduced last week. The program has so far identified 35,000 files suspected to offend EMusic's copyrights. Each offending person received an instant message through Napster suggesting to remove the offending files -- about a third of the persons complied to the demand.

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