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Napster bans - Rage apologizes

Written by Jari Ketola @ 09 Dec 2000 11:12

Rage Against The Machine fans were outraged at Napster, Sony Music and the band after Sony instructed Napster to enforce bans on everyone sharing the new RATM album, 'Renegades'.
The ban, however, was not approved by the band, and are now asking Napster to stop banning people. They have also released an official apology to all fans that were banned. Very nice of them indeed. The announcement also includes instructions for getting back on Napster in case you were already banned.

"The move to take action against Rage fans was taken completely unilaterally by our new management," said Tom Morello, RATM's guitarist. "In their zeal to keep the record from getting out before the release date, they did not consult the band before instructing Sony Music Corp. to institute the Napster ban. As soon as I was made aware of this horrible mistake on their part, I immediately phoned our management and the record company to see what we could do to get our Napster-using fans reinstated as soon as possible. Per my instructions, no further notices will be sent out, and again, I apologize for this undermining of your right to hear our music."

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