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Winamp3 released!

Written by Jari Ketola @ 27 Jan 2001 3:12

Actually only an early alpha of Winamp3 was released today. It gives you a general idea what Winamp3 will look and feel like, but it's rather unusable at this stage of it's development. It does include an almost fully-working Media Library, and it's capable of playing MP3 & WAV-files, so if you've been waiting for the thing for years (like so many of us have), you simply have to check it out now!
Winamp3 has been completely rewritten and apart from the name and the looks it has little to do with the earlier versions. Here are some of the new features and functionalities you can expect to see in the future:

·Natively interrelated components that actually become a part of Winamp. Furtheremore the components, if written properly, will carry the same skinnable, floatable, dockable, and/or drag-and-droppable features of Winamp itself.

·Winamp3's component studio will be completely resizable which means that in effect Winamp3 skins will be stretchable textures (rather than per-pixel bitmaps). Skins can also be blended and layered, so you can, for example, combine a Brushed Steel Skin and an Arctic Ice Skin to get a "Cold Steel" Skin.

·The world's most advanced playlist editor which intelligently scans selected directories for media and maintains them in an insanely fast XML-based database. The database can then be queried to find the exact song you're looking for quickly.

Download Winamp3 from

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