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Our MP3 search closes, major aD changes, etc..

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 31 Jan 2001 1:51

We have shut down our MP3 meta search engine, due lack of interest and lack of users.
The tough fact is that Napster and similiar tools are much more efficient in searching for MP3s than web-based search engines.

Instead of using the domain for search engine, we have added the MP3 selection of our independent artists to Please take a look, we think the new layout of band listings, etc is really cool.

Go to

Then, unfortunately today we had a five hour downtime due a bug in our code. Fortunately this happened between midnight and 5am EST, so it didn't cause as much trouble as it might have.

Today we also changed our software listing pages to allow easier browsing through categories, faster pageloads, etc.. We wish to hear comments from our users what you think about this new software listing. Use the feedback link in the top of the page.

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