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Playmedia sues AOL over WinAMP

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Apr 2001 2:08

Playmedia systems has filed a complaint against AOL and it's AOL 6.0 package which contains modified version of WinAMP. Playmedia is seeking damages up to $47 million and asks AOL to stop using the package's MP3 features.
Back in March 1999, Playmedia filed a similiar suit against Nullsoft, the creator of WinAMP, saying that the player violates Playmedia's copyrights to its AMP MP3 decoder. Two months later Nullsoft agreed to pay a licensing fee to Playmedia and was acquired by AOL few days later.

Now Playmedia claims that the license it granted for Nullsoft to use AMP decoder in WinAMP doesn't cover the use in AOL's Internet package.

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