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WinAMP 3 alpha 6 E released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 21 Apr 2001 3:24

Nullsoft guys have spent long hours working with this latest build WinAMP 3, dubbed as WinAMP 3 alpha 6 E (yes, their names tend to be... funny :-).
Anyway, thanks for guys at Nullsoft for providing us this copy once again (and keeping us as their ""mirror"" for WA3 alpha downloads).

Changes since previous version, alpha 5UX, include:

- takes even less memory, smaller .exe, more stable (as usual ;)
- playlist editor ASSERT bug smushed
- working playlist thingy
- fixed bug where files dropped on bottom of playlist showed up on top
- faster window painting and resizing and shit
- new avs with overlay support!
- skinning:
- skin xml can include other skins' xml files for tinyness
- skin pieces can hold multiple components
- all-in-one skin ("Compact") included, takes up only about 5k
- added support for horizontal animations
- accurate animatedrects are back :)
- eq latency cut to 2 seconds instead of 7
- eq has sexy curves again!
- skin scripts can have user functions and user classes
- automatically updated build numbers to aid conspiracy theorists
- http status messages added
- more... much more... can't remember

And as mentioned, you can't find this from, but you can use this link to download it:

WinAMP 3 alpha 6 E

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