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Napster to use fingerprints

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 23 Apr 2001 2:13

Napster announced on Friday that it will implement Relatable's music fingerprinting technology to its current filters. RIAA and court have pushed Napster to use something else than filename based filters to better screen the illegal files from its system.
"This is the first time a fingerprinting solution has been implemented on such a (large) scale and we have to refine and optimize it to the Napster network. There are many technological challenges.", said Pat Breslin, CEO of Relatable.

"We are now working closely with Relatable's engineers to coordinate their technology with our file filtering systems. We hope they will be a substantial part of our overall filtering solution,", commented Hank Barry, CEO of Napster, the decision to use Relatable's technology.

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