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Hollywood Syndicate to host the first DivX Summit

Written by Jari Ketola @ 03 May 2001 0:38

LOS ANGELES--May 2, 2001--Hollywood Syndicate announced a forum to open the discussion of how to transform an underground phenomenon known as DivX into a new paradigm for media on demand.
Due to the explosive adoption of DivX video technology and the proliferation of quality media available on the Internet, the DivX Summit will discuss the many ways time-shifted, streamed, demanded, and collectable digital video will transform the viewer experience and the market for television, cinema, and home media. The event is set for July 30 and 31 at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles. For more information, visit

"DivX and VCD are proof that the world of entertainment delivery is changing from push to pull, from distribution to hyper-efficient delivery determined by end-users, not providers. It is further evidence that Marshal McLuhan was right: The medium IS the message," said noted visionary Jim Griffin, chief executive officer of Cherry Lane Digital and a founder of Evolab.

DivX is a new video format that enables video to be squeezed down into a size that can be easily distributed through streaming, downloading, or sharing and can be blown up to full screen for more traditional viewing.

"DivX is starting to rise in the list of most searched for terms on the Web and will rise in a direct relationship with the roll out of high-speed access. Like MP3 it seems that soon many media junkies will expect and demand the freedom of digital video files. The goal of the summit is to address the lessons learned by all sides in the digital music debate," said Phil McGovern, co-founder of Hollywood Syndicate, producers of the summit.

The summit's mission is to jump start an open discussion between media creators, media distributors, and the viewing community before device manufacturers, Internet service providers, studios, networks, production companies, and individuals end up on opposite sides in a courtroom.

"There's a wonderful opportunity to do this right. It won't be easy, but there is an opportunity for new business, new revenue, and an incredible viewer experience," added McGovern.

For sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, contact Hollywood Syndicate at

"DivX" is a trademark of DivXNetworks Inc.

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