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FileFreedom SideKick helps file-sharers

Written by Jari Ketola @ 02 May 2001 15:09 has announced the release of the FileFreedom SideKick, a new tool for users of file-sharing networks. The FileFreedom SideKick is a small program that is compatible with all file-sharing programs including Napster, Bearshare, IMesh, AudioGalaxy and others. The program brings features to the file-sharing experience previously reserved for online shopping sites, as well as community functions designed to unite traders regardless of their preferred method of downloading.
The FileFreedom SideKick does not allow users to download files, but works alongside a user's current file-sharing program. SideKick allows users to rate, review and comment on files they have downloaded, as well as read reviews by others that had previously downloaded that file. Users are presented with a suggested file list ("Others that downloaded this file also downloaded.") as well as a list of known filename variations to aid in subsequent searches. Messages can be sent to users in response to their reviews and each user is encouraged to keep a list of "friends" with similar tastes. The FileFreedom SideKick gives users complete access to their information. Users decide who can see their download history, create personal profiles to describe themselves,and send messages to other users using FileFreedom's internal emailing system.

More information and screenshots are available at

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