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Napster to license music from MusicNet

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 05 Jun 2001 8:54

According to reports, Napster is close to ink a deal with MusicNet service to provide MusicNet's content via its upcoming legal service. According to proposed deal, MusicNet would be the exclusive content provider for "legal Napster" for an undisclosed period of time.
MusicNet is an online subscription-based venture that has licenses from three major record labels, and its owned by RealNetworks. Major record labels that have licensed their content for MusicNet are BMG, EMI and Warner Music. AOL TimeWarner has already agreed to offer services based on MusicNet.

The proposed deal between Napster and MusicNet does not affect the legal process that's going on between Napster and the record labels. Deal would also allow MusicNet's label partners to back out of the deal if Napster doesn't meet certain security standards.

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