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WinAMP v2.76 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 05 Jun 2001 4:50

Nullsoft guys just don't rest, not even with their version 2 series. They have just released a version 2.76 that fixes few bugs and updates also the AVS plugin.
Full list of updates:

* ryan fixed shuffle!
* christophe added IE URL drag&drop capability
* faster FFTs for vis on WAV/CDDA playback
* fixes RealPlayer's .xpl association bug
* AVS 2.5 (new effects, speedups, smaller presets, etc)
* TinyVis 2001. Includes fast, highly trippy "Random Intelligent Visualization".
* Peter's latest and greatest MIDI plug-in

And as Nullsoft tends to update their website rather lazily (giving us, independent software sites, an opportunity to boost our user base a little bit :-) you can't find this one from their site yet. Download it from here:

WinAMP v2.76 Full (all features)
WinAMP v2.76 Lite (no WMA support, no AVS)
WinAMP v2.76 Standard(no WMA support)

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