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Launch reinstates Launchcast service

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 16 Jun 2001 7:49

Launch Media has reinstated its Launchcast web streaming service again, but without the four major label's content (all except AOL TimeWarner).
Launch was sued by four major record labels in last month because labels feel that Launch's streaming service Launchcast violates its current streaming licenses being too interactive, allowing users to vote the songs that they hear from the service and service creates new playlists based on these votes.

The ultimate goal for labels is to block Launch and similiar services from participating to webcast royalty arbitration proceeding that will set a rate for non-interactive webcasting claiming that Launch doesn't qualify to this. Labels want to charge more or even prevent webcasters to offer anything else than a regular radio service broadcasted over the Net.

Launch wasn't sued by AOL TimeWarner, because companies have a separate deal that allows Launch to have interactive elements in its service -- now Launchcast contains music from various independent labels and from AOL TimeWarner, total selection of 25,000 songs.

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