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WinAMP 3 alpha 667 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 Jun 2001 1:57

Once a month seems to be the cycle for Nullsoft nowadays :-) They just released a new alpha of their upcoming WinAMP 3 player. Here are the things that are changed since last alpha 666 to this alpha 667:
- autodetects MMX, no need for separate noMMX version any more
- immediate music stop on shutdown
- fixed systray ASSERT on WINE & litestep
- mouse wheel scrolling for list windows
- scripting:
  - engine speedups
  - mc.exe supports #include, #define, #undef, #ifdef, etc.
  - skinning:
  - fx objects (like dmove) work on subbitmaps
  - faster blitting
  - more options for various GUI objects
  - F5 reloads current skin
  - BMP files work again (bleh... use PNG)
- basic translation of strings, not everything is translated yet :)
- keyboard accelerator keys
- text scale up/down (use control-minus and control+equals)
- truetype font loading from skins works again (no need to install into OS)
- skin colors overriding in skins should work again
- new script included: MiniKick
- skin switcher! with preliminary wa2 skin loading support (not finished)
- skin version # checking
- select duplicates command in playlist editor
- memory usage cut down in general
- config screen almost ready (not in this alpha, tho :)
- lots and lots of other internals stuff you won't see until the SDK :)

...and as usual, it's not available from, but from various ""mirrors"" like You can download the WinAMP 3 alpha 667 from this URL:

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