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Aimster in big trouble

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 04 Jul 2001 11:56

You would think that getting sued by RIAA is bad enough, right? Well, Aimster is in way much bigger trouble than that. Last Wednesday Movie Picture Association of America sued Aimster over copyright violations and is seeking maximum damages, $150,000 for each distributed illegal movie copy.
And yesterday music publishers and songwriters joined to the lawsuit madness against Aimster filing their own lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court.

"We are extremely disappointed that before the ink was even dry on Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' opinion concluding that Napster was engaging in massive copyright infringement, another Internet music service would seek with impunity to supplant Napster and expect to get away with it," said Edward Murphy, president and chief executive officer of National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA).

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