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P2P scanner for ISPs

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 16 Jul 2001 13:19

P2P scanner for ISPs Media Enforcer released a free software today that allows Internet service providers (ISPs) to monitor their networks for P2P application users.
Travis Hill, President of Media Enforcer LLC, said: "Network operators have a daunting responsibility to ensure appropriate use of computing resources, especially with the advent of P2P applications. Whether for bandwidth, legal, policy, or security reasons- it helps to know where and when these types of applications are being run."

Software currently recognizes following P2P applications and their clones: Napster, Gnutella (including LimeWire, BearShare, etc..), Aimster and Kazaa (including MusicCity Morpheus). More P2P services can be added to the list after they've recognized.

This might cause some major problems for users of broadband connections who tend to be the major contributors of various P2P networks.

source: Company press release

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