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New breed of peer-to-peer applications booming

Written by Jari Ketola @ 03 Aug 2001 15:13

Although Napster is beginning to seem like yesterday's news, the recording industry, or the online music businesses for that matter, have little time to rest. A new generation of media sharing applications is rising, and it'll definitely get real big real soon.
According to a recent study by the digital music research firm Webnoize, a popular new file-sharing service FastTrack counted an average 425,000 simultaneous users in July. That accounted for an 89% increase from the 225,000 user average in June. At this rate FastTrack would have an average number of one million simultaneous users in the network by September.

FastTrack's network-client -structure is utilized by eg. KaZaA and MusicCity Morpheus, and the files shared using each of these clients is visible to every user on the FastTrack network. Currently there are over 550,000 users on the network sharing 309,320GB in music, videos, pictures, and software applications.

You can find out more about the advanced features of the FastTrack network at the FastTrack homepage.

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