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WinAMP3 alpha L8 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 23 Aug 2001 3:15

Nullsoft guys had a small summer break and waited 60 days until releasing a new alpha, but now it's finally here. WinAMP 3 alpha L8 (yeah, they probably spend a helluva lot of time just thinking about upcoming alpha names :-) adds tons of fixes, features and of course, new bugs. Changes since previous version are:
- much faster startup time
- systray ASSERT should really really be fixed now
- 8-bit UTF-8 playlist names work, 16-bit ones still don't
- lots more text now translated through locales system
- improved component painting (more efficient, less wrong)
- faster skin loading (caches unpacked skins into temp directory)
- faster playlist loading
- can select mozilla to be used in the minibrowser
-> go to the mozilla folder and type "regsvr32 mozctlx.dll"
- ID3 tags read on a timer
- many and vast improvements to the UI subsystem
- hokey transparent context menus (under win2k, just 'cause they look cute)
- bugs fixed, added

And, as usual, WA3 is not available through, but from "mirror sites" instead, like ours. Download it from here:

WinAMP3 alpha L8

(and don't try to link directly to the file, link to the URL provided in here instead -- otherwise we have to remove or rename it)

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