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Over 1M page imps, over 10k users - thanks guys!

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 04 Dec 2001 6:49

Just wanted to mention few things to you, our dear users. First : THANK YOU! You guys helped us to push our traffic over 1,000,000 page loads in last month, for the first time in our history :-)
Also, number of our registered users finally reached another "magic number" -- we have now over 10,000 registered users and that number is also growing rapidly.

Also wanted to mention/promote/whatever our "featured software tools" -- we've selected some of the best shareware tools, those that have been listed in for ages with 5 star rating and approached their developers. Now some of the developers support our site financially as long as you guys keep on testing out their great products. So, definately the easiest way for you to support us financially is to try out these excellent tools (trial versions are free and if you like them, register them): MP3 Collector Music Collector Movie Collector
4.Blaze Media Pro
5.AudioEdit Deluxe

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