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Kazaa unveils new functions

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Feb 2002 10:41

Kazaa, a enormously popular P2P software that was sold to Australian Sharman Networks in January, today unveiled new features to its software client.
New client, v1.5, introduces features such as download recommendations, faster search results, faster start-up time and a Kazaa-specific IM (instant messaging) feature.

Kazaa avoided, at least temporarily, Dutch court order to shut down its service when its original Dutch owners sold the company to Australia. Kazaa is also being sued in United States by MPAA and RIAA -- it will be one of the first real tests for international community to see if U.S. laws can be extended to overseas companies; which sounds ridiculous. If U.S. laws can be forced to overseas companies, it has to work other way around as well and so China could sue all U.S. newspapers and TV companies for spreading anti-communist propaganda, EU could sue U.S. companies for violating Kyoto treaty, etc.

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