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Guide "How to burn BIN/CUE files with Nero" available

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 15 Feb 2002 4:18 User comments (62)

We have had so many people asking "I've got this 600MB .bin file, how do I open it?" that we decided to create a guide describing how to burn BIN/CUE CD images with Nero Burning Rom.

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62 user comments

119.12.2002 5:22

Yes is perfect the articule, BUT IF I DONīT HAVE DE CUE?????

ThE TrInAdOr

219.12.2002 12:31

What do i do if all i have are winrar files that when i extract one all i get is a bin file and no cue file.

38.5.2003 16:08

yes, what does happen if I dont have the CUE?

410.5.2003 8:23

Guys, it's VERY easy. Here is how it works: In Nero, go to File -> Burn Image. Find the *.bin file that you want to burn and open it. Then you'll get a window that says: "Foreign image settings" These are the settings: Type of image: leave that unchanged to Data Mode 1; Then, very important, select the Raw Data check box. When you do that the Block Size (which is one line below) changes automatically from 2048 to 2352. That's all! Leave Image Header and Image Trailer unchanged and set to 0. "Scrambled" and "Swapped" check boxes should remain UNchecked as well. Let me know if you need more help, but I am sure with detailed instructions like these you will burn bin files without problems! Take care!

512.5.2003 3:27

I get a things that says "unexpected file type" and i cant load it

612.5.2003 17:19

It may be possible that your BIN file is corrupt. I am using Nero (currently the latest version) and it works just fine but I think this should also work on older versions of Nero. I have done that many times and it has always worked. Try again following my instructions. Good luck!

78.6.2004 1:03

I had these files and for ages I was completely stuck! Not anymore - what great, clear instructions! Thankyou very much!!

89.6.2004 14:09

I'm having the same problem, I'm trying to burn a bin/cue file with Nero and it keeps saying I can't burn it with a DVD. The bin is in a VCD format Mode 2/form1/ 2352 if that helps any. I can't change it to mode1.

924.6.2004 4:44

Tapanar! Like Mamasita said; thanks so very much!

1028.6.2004 4:54

>>> I'm having the same problem, I'm trying to burn a >>> bin/cue file with Nero and it keeps saying I can't >>> burn it with a DVD. It is likely that you previously burned a DVD. Start Nero with the wizard and on the top left hand corner of the wizard, change it to CD and cancle the wizard and now you should be able to do it.

112.7.2004 7:27

Hi, The tips for burning a bin file was very helpful. Thanks. I burnt a bin file using Nero . The burn to a cd-r took just 20 min. When I played the burnt cd, the movie came all jerky and audio choppy. The quality of the movie is good except for these problems. Have I done something wrong here? I feel bad that one good cd-r went waste. Any help is appreciated as soon as possible. Thanks for the reply in advance.

123.7.2004 15:15

I have the same problem. I'm using nero express to burn bin files to a cdr but I keep getting an error message that says unexpected file format. I'm fairly certain that this is not a file corruption issue because the message pops up whenever I try to burn a bin image to disk.

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134.7.2004 22:54

I think I may know why some people are having trouble with this and hopefully I will be able to clear some of the confusion. Start Nero Startsmart. From here put your mouse over the icon that says "Copy and Backup" and click it. On the right hand side in the middle you will see an icon that says "Burn Image to Disc". When you click this, It will load up Nero Burning ROM and then bring up the open pop-up box. Set the "Files of Type" pull down box to "All Files (*.*)". Select your .bin file and it should work. When I say work I mean you should get the "Foreign Image Settings" pop-up box. From here refer back to tapanar's first post here. Hopefully this will help some of you. Good Luck.

146.7.2004 20:29

tried all those things, and I still get the unexpected file format. I've tried it with many different bin files, and each time I get the same message. I have the dvd plug in for Nero 6, but it still wont work. any other suggestions?

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157.7.2004 13:52

Well, I have one other suggestion. That would be to forget about this foreign image thing and make your own cue sheet. But don't fret because it isn't a hard task at all. All you have to do is go to this great post right here at afterdawn. The link is Just read the part about creating a cue sheet and you should be ok. I tried it and it worked. Good luck

169.7.2004 21:37

thankz alot tapanar and Danman123. if you guyz tried what tapanar said and you are getting "unexpected file type". Then all you have to do is open Nero and go to configure which is the button beside the exit button. click on it and a page appears. under "GENERAL" you'll see "TASK:" now you can choose the task you want to perform i.e choose burn image to disc and then follow what tapanar wrote. i joined this website just to write this forum because you guyz helped me. soo allways help others thx alot.

179.7.2004 22:46

Yes is perfect the articule, BUT IF I DONīT HAVE DE CUE?????
Grab a CUE Creator:
ASUS A8V Deluxe, A64-3500 @ 2.65
1GB KingMax PC3700
640GB [4x160GB, 7200, 8MB]
XFX 6800GT 256MB
Rules and Policies:

1811.7.2004 21:42

guyz, i know this sounds dum, but what do i do after burning the cd. i tried playing it but i can't. can someone please tell me what to do. thankz alot

1911.7.2004 22:06

guyz when i open the .cue file with notepad it reads

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2012.7.2004 10:51

When you signed up here at AD you should have noted strict rules about piracy.

ASUS A8V Deluxe, A64-3500 @ 2.65
1GB KingMax PC3700
640GB [4x160GB, 7200, 8MB]
XFX 6800GT 256MB
Rules and Policies:

2115.7.2004 16:34

hey guyz, i just downloaded some ps2 games and i want to burn them onto a cd using Nero. what steps should i take in doing this. can someone reply this please

2215.7.2004 21:39

hi i am a newb. i have just downloaded shanghai street racer. it was a rar fiel so i unrared it now i have around 14 *.rar files, 1 *.nfo file and 1 *.ssf file. i just unrared any one of the rar fiels and came out with a .bin and a .cue file. i burnt the .cue file and isntalled the game. it loads up i can do anything but as soon as i start a race, it jsut cloeses??? can someone please help me, i also tried unraring the other fiels and they all came out to be a bin and a cue fiel all of the same size. what does that mean???

2316.7.2004 4:32

Hi chuckbung, your problem could mean a number of things: 1. you may need to upgrade your computer and get more RAM or a better video card; 2. is your processor overclocked? - PC's become unstable when overclocked, I had a similar problem some time ago because I had oveclocked my PC; 3. don't forget this is a game you haven't paid for and it is protected by its makers to prevent illegal copying; there must be a readme file, see what it says; also look for a *.reg file in the installation directory and try to run it.

2417.7.2004 7:16

hey i also have the problem where i burnt the CUE file and when i opened up my MPEG movie the quality was great but the audio was all choppy? is there anyway i can correct this and burn the MPEG to DVD? if you know can you please tell me on MSN at thanks.

2519.7.2004 13:37

HELLO please help me. iam not too good at PCs Iam using Daemon Tools. i have a problem wid two files. they are one is Bin FIle and the other cue file. i use daemon tool i mount the image (BIN)and everything ok i open it. Window media player i click ok. goes to media player and it jus say connecting and a error comes up... if i open to explore i see the following folder..EXT, SEGMENT, EXTRA, MPEG2 SVCD..... inside EXT there is SCANDATA file DAT FILE inside segment there is two media player icons ITEM0001 and ITEM 0002 but none work wen i click on em and same error( connecting for a while then error) EXTra has DVD2SVCD and notepad file MPEG2 has another file called AVSEQ01 SVCD nothing. i wanner watch this thing inside this iam not sure if iam doing anything wrong here or wot THANK YOU IF U CUD HELP ME

2619.7.2004 20:44

all you need is to download VCDGEAR and you can change your bin files into mpeg and other formats. the best part is that the software is free. just search google for vcdgear.

2722.7.2004 8:06

I am trying to burn a game a quicken. I am using Nero express 6. For the game I have a 600mb BIN file and 1kb CUE file. I load the cue file to burn as an image and I get the error that it cannont load the file and then the directory path, and another error that says error occured while loading the cue sheet file then the directory path and (line 1). Any help on this would be great. :) Then for quicken i have 18 files, 17 ending in .001, .002, etc., 16 of those are 15mb and the last one is around 12mb. Then the last file is a .sfv file around lkb in size. Im just lost on this one. Any help?

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2823.7.2004 3:36

Hi l3lazzzze, Try burning the .bin file without loading the .cue. Look at the beginning of this thread for instructions on how to do that. The 17 files you downloaded are the different volumes of an archive, so you need to extract them. Use WinRar or WinAce to open any of the .00X files and extract the whole thing. Then you will probably be able to install it, or if it is an image file - you could burn it to a CD and then install it from the disk.

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291.8.2004 17:57

Ok here's my problem, I have a movie in bin/cue format which is in two parts (that's two bins and two cues) I supposed it was setup to be a 2 disc svcd), but I want to burn the entire movie to one disc. I have no problem burning one bin to dvd but how do I get the two bins to load , I am using Nero and have Nero vission 2 any help would be appreciated.

3014.8.2004 0:29

[red]Ok...Here goes: I have just downloaded a movie and its downloading as 2 cds when a click on 1 cd file i get just a .bin file witch happens with both files i was wondering if you could help? Im using nero[bold/]


3114.8.2004 0:33

Ok i think i have got one more thing to try would this work: 1.Open Nero burning rom 2.Go to recorder 3.Click on burn image 4.Choose the CD1 .BIN File 5.See what happens from there... I havn't tryed it yet

3216.8.2004 17:55

Hei guys need some help ere.. just downloaded a game but i cant seem to unzip it.. it says : Either multipart or corrupt ZIP archives. When i download the file the title was " all 5 cds NO-CDs Not Ripped". Can anyone pls help me ere.. i download this for 4 days..

3321.8.2004 7:17

Hi all, I am totally new to this and have learnt loads from this site, so thanks. I have a bin file which did not have a cue. I created one and burnt the image to CD using Nero 6. This all worked fine, but when I went to play the CD it just says 'bad disk' in my DVD player or if I try to see the files that are on the CD via my PC it doesn't bring up anything. I know that the CD is completely full, so how come, what am I doing wrong??

3422.8.2004 4:44

ok I just got a file with both BIN/CUE i burned the image CUE and installed the game then it said wrong CD what do i do


3521.9.2004 4:03

Someone said to select the .bin file and it wont give an error.... well it does....everyone is saying so and you wont listen all...... This is what I choose the .cue file, not the .bin file when selecting to burn an image file... quote: Bin files hold the data and cue files tell the program/burner how to read the data. Cue/bin files are disk mirror files. A supposedly exact mirror copy of a disc. You will need one each for each disc. Nero will burn them onto a cd. Find the function under file-->burn image and then select the cue file. You also can extract the data/video with vcdgear or cdmage. There may be others that will do the trick. I am unaware of a player that can view bin files directly but as stated above, you can extract the video and then play it. I find vcdgear easiest, but others don't like it. Now I have the end file..what do I do with it....

3623.9.2004 10:38

I tried to burn dvd files using the data option on nero, and when I put it in my dvd player, it simply ejects it. My computer also doesnt recognize it, and shows the dvd as blank, though it does have data on it and I cant burn over it. Now I've wasted a dvd....maybe I chose the wrong method? Is there a dvd copy mode and cd copy mode? maybe I chose cd copy? id ont know, this is frustrating though.

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3720.7.2005 11:04

I just downloaded Fifa 2005 but its in two bin, i'v never done this so i need some help on what to do?

3828.7.2005 5:41

hi guys , i have a problem . i downloaded a movie (cue/bin) file but it is 812mb and my cd is 700mb how can i divide the (cue/bin) in to 2 parts so i can have 2 cd , by the way i use Nero. plzzzz help my .................

3931.7.2005 21:48

I working on a bin/cue file in Nero 6 ultra edition .I change the file type of the path in the cue .I got to the of write it once and all that.I am having problems wrtitng it to a cd-r and then I tried a cd-rw any suggestions still nothing ???

4025.8.2005 8:05

I also was having problems burning Bin/Cue files, I was getting "unexpected file type" or "Unable to insert file xxxxxxx". I'm not all that computer smart, but I'll try to explain how I got mine to burn. I found that if I used Iso Buster to recode (?) the files to MPG, by creating a new file, I could burn it with Nero Vision Express. Here is a link to Iso Buster here if you don't have it: Open your BIN file with Iso Buster, I clikck on the CD at the top, then right click, go to Extract CD <Content>, then down to Treat as video ONLY, extract but FILTER only M2F2 MPEG video frames (*mpg). It will ask you where to save it (I always save it in the same folder my original copy is, don't worry about them getting mixed up it will make a new folder)Then it will start to extract, and ask you to save again once finished. After it's done I go to Nero Vision Express and go to make DVD Video, then I add my file (it should be a MPEG Video file). There's all kinds of things you can do like make menues, create chapters, etc.... but the main thing is once you finish the fancy stuff (if you want to) it should burn no problem.

414.9.2005 22:30

Hi I'm new here and not very computer smart, there seems to be a lot of great info here, so if any one can help, pleazzz, I downloaded a bunch of movies off p2p, they are in AVI format. I burned them using numerous programs, Nero, for one and turned them in to DVD, MPG format but they won't play in my home DVD player. They play great on my PC, can any one tell me what I am doing wrong. Thank you so much. Great site. I am glad I found this place.

4227.9.2005 20:06

Hey all... i've read through all the posts and i think i'm getting a different problem with my CUE/BIN file. when ever i try to load the CUE file into Nero 6 it comes back to me with this error i've double checked the contents of the CUE file: FILE "The Longest Yard 2005 DVDRip kvcd Jamgood(TUS Release).bin" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE2/2352 INDEX 01 00:00:00 TRACK 02 MODE2/2352 INDEX 00 00:04:00 INDEX 01 00:06:00 If anyone can help me at all it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps! BRAD

4330.11.2005 10:02

hello well this is how i change bin and cue files but iam still looking for an easier way myself once you have download your file and you have a bin and cue file. you can burn onto your hard drive or onto a cd. then when you have these files on your HDD or CD. You need to look for the file MPAGAV inside you'll find AVSEQ01 now you will need some software called WINAVI. With this software you can convert it into a MPEG file. Once this is done you now can convert this MPEG file into DVD. This is how I do my converting. If you have any tips please post. Thank you!

441.12.2005 19:04

Ok I downloaded a game from a news group and all the files I tried to urar them but they wouldn't it only gave me the option to compress them because it couldn't read the file extension. I downloaded a program called hj-join because i heard that it could join all the files and make one and it was sucessful. but I still can't unrar the file or burn it what else do I need to do.

4514.12.2005 10:20

hi all again this is a new update for anyone still having trouble with bin and cue files. this is very easy 1st copy and paste this address tthen look down the list for "VCDGear v3.50a (GUI)" then download it no need to install just extract the files from the rar then use the software. change the bin or cue file into a mpeg once in mpeg format you can the convert into dvd format. i use myself VSO DivXtoDVD 0.5.2 its free and easy to use. also you can convert multiple files by click on the folder again and selecting another file and you can also covert more then one film at once by clicking on your icon more then once. to find this software copy and paste link tool=vso_DivXtoDVD then look on the page for the words. Other info:Download the old free DivXtoDVD 0.5.2 here well thats all i hope this has been alot of help.

468.4.2006 13:26

I dled a dvd and when i try burning the .cue file that came along with the big .bin file it asks for a CD-RW disc. Is this normal if im trying to burn a DVD?

478.4.2006 13:59

i been burning some BIN/CUE files with CloneDVD to cd's.

488.4.2006 14:03

NVM the post above me fixed my problem i changed it to mpeg and i could burn it. Thanks

491.8.2006 8:04

Dear People i got a problem a hugh problem i dled rtw alexander and its got 39 bin cue files it's a game and if anyone knows what to do help me!!!

5014.5.2007 0:39

i'm using a dvd player on my tv that has a USB slot. i download videos in AVI, mpeg, etc. format to my memory stick, put it in my dvd player and run the movies. i have some movies in bin/cue format for subtitles and need to get them into one file on my memory stick in order to run on the dvd player. i don't burn dvds as it's not really necessary when i can run from USB memory.

does anyone have advice on how to convert bin/cue files into something like mpeg or AVI that i can save on a memory stick? i'm not very familiar with Nero. perhaps i can convert and save without burning a disc?


5114.5.2007 1:33

if you have power ISO its the easiest thing in the world

click the .bin .iso or .cue files and it opens in power iso.

to make things easier power iso also burns the files...

how do you like them apples :D

5214.5.2007 1:40

on a mac.

5313.7.2007 16:51

I'm new to this and was hoping someone could help. I've successfully used Nero 7 to burn a bin/cue file kvcd to cd (to watch on DVD player). It works fine BUT the problem is, the last 10-15mins of the movie become pixelated and it skips/jumps. Obviously very frustrating if its a good movie! there any reason for this? Help!!

547.8.2007 18:45

hi im having some troble tring to figure out how to download this bin file to a disc can you download it to a dvd or just a cdr i can download it to a cdr but cant open it if u have any ideas that would be great thank you

5511.6.2008 14:59

I am having a problem that noone else is having, When I burn a cue I get a error (i windows explorer) sayig "the disc is not i the format that windows reconizes or is corrupt" when i tried the suggestion of burning the bin file i get an error (in nero)saying "unexpected file format" please help me fix this!!!!! this is for a game i'm trying to burn for my sister (because of this problem her birthday gift is late!!!)

5612.9.2008 0:06

This is what works and all you need is nero 8.
If utorrent is running close it completely as utorrent interferes with nero 8 (don't know why just does.)

-Burn the CUE file to a CD using nero burning rom
-You will end up with a cd that has one folder which contains a .dat file, burn that using nero vision to a DVD.

As a side bar when answering someones question here don't answer with what you THINK will work, or what should work. Computer issues such as this are complicated enough without having to wade through the nonsensical ramblings of a bunch of wannabee knowitalls.

So Stick to the facts

5714.1.2009 6:25

i got 2 files one is cue and one is bin! do i have to burn them both on the same cd? or what exactly must i do?

5818.3.2010 9:34

i m not expert to burn game cd.....but i want to save money by downloading game esp pc game to create a pc-dvd game...
i have downloaded a game 1.4gb with two iso files.....
can i burn these to make an executable pc-dvd game ?
i have burnt the two files w/ nero but only it copied to can i play game without setup file????

597.8.2010 22:54
Temporary Joe
Unverified new user

Get this utility, 'install' it as per instructions in the readme file.

Once it's in, mount the bin file as a virtual drive. Bin doesn't show in the list of supported files, so when you go to open it, make sure to 'show all files'.

Once the bin file is mounted, use Imgburn (google and download it if you don't have it already) and use it to create an .iso file of your mounted bin file. Easy.

6016.10.2010 12:34
Unverified new user

my problem can i burn BIN and CUE files in 1 CD?

6126.2.2012 17:16
Unverified new user

If you do not have a .cue file to go along with your .bin ...

1) create a new .txt file with the same name as your .bin (without .bin of coarse.. and probably in the same folder of .bin)

2) type the following in the text file:

FILE "nameofbinfile.bin" BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

3) save file, making sure the same name is given

4) rename text file, changing the extension to .cue (you will be prompted to make sure you want to change extension) again, make sure the new .cue file has the same name (different extension) as your .bin file

5) mount the .cue file with any virtual drive software (i prefer daemon tools lite) the .cue file points the software to the .bin and "VIOLA" enjoy :]

6215.8.2012 12:02

I have NERO Burning ROM v11.0.12200 I have a .BIN file (of 723 MB) & a .Cue file (of 1KB) I tried to open both files in NERO the process goes till 5% and then an error occurs, the log appears and the disc is ejected tried it many times but same problem every time plzzzz let me know the solution

Thanks In Advance......!

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