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Gnutella-based Morpheus client released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 02 Mar 2002 8:26

OK, after this week's catastrophic events, StreamCast Networks finally got their act together. Today they released first preview edition of their Morpheus P2P client and as predicted earlier, the new client doesn't use FastTrack anymore, but relies on Gnutella network instead.
It seems that new client is almost 100% based on pretty well-known Gnutella client called Gnucleus, even About info says that program is Gnucleus, not Morpheus :-) This is a quotation from Gnucleus homepage:

"I had a feeling this would happen, Morpheus was moving in the direction of gnutella and the only reasonable way of getting there quickly was by using established code. As long as they post their source code and credit us in the program I dont have a problem with this, give the GPL the props it deserves. I dont even know what to think, I wish they contacted me or any of the other gnutella developers or protocol maintainers before doing this.

Gnucleus is a honest, well writen client. Please dont let this action by StreamCast tarnish your impression of us. We will continue as usual working on the next version of Gnucleus. Thanks for your support."

Latest version wasn't available through website few minutes ago, but we got it already. Download it from here:

Morpheus v1.3.3.1 Preview Edition

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