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Morpheus to become a legal service(?)

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 14 Mar 2002 8:26

StreamCast Networks, a company who operates Morpheus P2P service, is moving towards a legal service model, pretty much like Napster has done.
Company is asking indie artists to distribute their music through Morpheus and is planning to roll out some kind of DRM (Digital Rights Management a.k.a. anti-piracy shield :-) system to its service later on. No details about this were disclosed, so we don't know will they even implement it at all.

The indie music plot is pretty clear -- they try to convince courts that their P2P network has legal usage as well which would keep it within "BetaMax-range" allowing the network continue as usual.

Sure, if the DRM will be added to Moprheus, it basically means death of Morpheus as we know it -- just like it did for Napster. But then again, its all about business; if you can make more money by having thousand users paying for your service than having million users watching ads that pay pennies, its really a no-brainer (nono, we're not rolling out subscription only yet ;-).

Anyway, start looking around -- KaZaA and eDonkey are good alternatives..

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