AfterDawn: Tech news and CD-RW.ORG to co-operate

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 14 Mar 2002 9:32

As our regular users have already noticed, we've added new software section to our site which includes CD-R tools and applications. This software area as well as upcoming CD-R related news are contributed by CD-RW.ORG.
We have formed a very non-formal partnership with CD-RW.ORG because we felt that our audiences have pretty good match while our content overlaps very rarely, so we decided to distribute our news and software selection from to CD-RW.ORG and vice versa.

Now CD-RW.ORG is also hosted on our servers and if you take a look at their site, it looks pretty familiar as well ;-) Their site is still slightly under construction, so there's really much to see right now, but they'll getting there.

CD-RW.ORG and have not merged and the co-op doesn't have any financial details either. Whole idea is to offer broader content from two Finnish "underground" multimedia sites.

CD-RW.ORG also uses's forum structure and we will add more technical MP3 and CD-R discussion boards very shortly to our forums, which ultimately benefits you, our users.

CD-RW.ORG has operated, at least in some form, since 1996 and is operated from Finland. has been online since March, 1999.

Anyway, pay them a visit:


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