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Virtual Listener software compares encoders

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 23 Mar 2002 2:42

Virtual Listener is a software that analyses audio files for differences. VL aims to simulate human ear, so it does not perform a bit by bit comarison, but tries to determine how much the audio files differ for an average human listener.
The author has tested LAME MP3, OGG and Musepack with various settings. We can see from the results that LAME and Musepack are doing very well, while Musepack delivers great quality with lower bitrates. At high bitrate settings Musepack delivers files with the smallest difference from the original.

VL gives very poor results for OGG, but it is strongly suspected that there is something wrong in the OGG analysis.

Keep in mind that this kind of software based analysis are not perfect and do not represent the absolute truth.

VL test results
Discussion about VL at Hydrogen Audio

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