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Gateway campaigns against CBDTPA

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Apr 2002 6:10

United States' fourth biggest PC manufacturer Gateway is campaigning against proposed copyright protection bill, dubbed as CBDTPA, which would ultimately restrict lots of legal usage of digital devices as well.
Gateway will launch a TV and radio ad campaign that will ask users to visit its website, download some free music from its site and learn more about the proposed bill. TV campaign will be shown on NBC's Nightly News and on NBC's youth-oriented shows.

A Gateway spokesman said that the company is about the restrictions it would place and fears that it would limit consumers' fair use rights. Obviously company is also worried that if the bill becomes a law, users would stick with their old computers which don't have hardware restrictions instead of upgrading their computer regularly like they do now.

"We feel like there's a lack of awareness about this pending legislation," said Brad Williams, director of communications at Gateway.

Whatever Gateway's reasons are, I suggest that you will show some support and visit their website now.

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