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Microsoft slashes Xbox price in Europe

Written by Jari Ketola @ 18 Apr 2002 1:05

After an extremely slow start to the sales of the Xbox in Europe, Microsoft has decided to cut the price of the console dramatically.
"At 6.00am today, we'll be reducing the price of the Xbox to 299, 199, effective from April 26," said Chris Lewis, UK divisional director for Xbox retail. "There are no announcements, or any plans to make price changes elsewhere. It is a European-only announcement at this stage."

The reduction is almost 50% from the current price of the Xbox. Already at the original price the consoles cost more for Microsoft to manufacture than what they get per unit sold. That only goes to show how eager Microsoft is in it's effort conquer the console markets before the third big name, Nintendo, introduces its Gamecube in Europe.

Those who have already bought the console at the higher price will, luckily, be compensated. Anyone who already has an Xbox, or buys one before April 25th, will receive two free games and a free controller. A very nice gesture from Microsoft which should keep the early supporters of Xbox happy.

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