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FullAudio launches subscription service

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 Apr 2002 13:43

FullAudio finally managed to launch their long-anticipated online music subscription service today. FullAudio's music download service is available through Clear Channel's radio station websites.
Clear Channel is the biggest U.S. radio network, owning 1200 radio stations and syndicating content to additional 7800 radio stations across North America. FullAudio hopes that radio listeners stay faithful to their favorite radio station brand and join the subscription service as well.

FullAudio's service offers music from three major record labels, just like MusicNet and Pressplay -- major record label-backed subscription services -- do. FullAudio's service is slightly different from other subscription services (Pressplay, MusicNet and's Rhapsody) which are all more or less focused on streaming the audio -- FullAudio's service is a download-based model, priced by the number of tracks users are allowed to download each month. 50-downloads-a-month service costs $7.49, but the tracks can't be burned to CD or transferred to portable digital music players.

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