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GameCube price cut as well

Written by Jari Ketola @ 22 Apr 2002 4:35

In a response to last week's announcement from Microsoft to cut Xbox prices, Nintendo today announced they would alsobe be cutting the price of their rival console GameCube in Europe - even before it has hit the shelves!
The pre-launch cut was about twenty-five percent, which means a drop from 250 to 199. That makes the GameCube retail 100 less than Xbox and Playstation 2.

Nintendo said the cut was made because of improved production economics, and a will to let the consumers take advantage of the reduced production costs. Its rather evident that Sony would be capable of a similar cut, since PS2 has been in production for quite a long time now, and has gone through several improvements in both chip design, and production efficiency.

Maybe we'll see PS2 at 250 next week? Whatever happens, it's definitely nice to see that we, the consumers, get the best of both worlds in this duel - high-quality consoles at reasonable prices.


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