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RealVideo 9 delivers better low bandwith video quality

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 24 Apr 2002 6:07

RealNetworks is introducing on Wednesday a new version of its video compression technology that is aimed at improving choppy video broadcasts delivered over dial-up modems to the Internet.
RealVideo 9 is the latest iteration of RealNetworks' audio and video compression technology, used by Web publishers to store and send large files such as movie clips, newscasts or DVDs over the Internet to the PC. RealNetworks said the technology improves the compression rates of its RealVideo 8 technology by 30 percent, making it about 30 percent less expensive for Web publishers to deliver audio and video files.

The 30% increase in compression sounds quite optimistic, but Reals product definitely needed an update. I am using a 512mb TV cable modem and I cant say that my web video broadcast experiences have been that good. I really wonder who actually bothers to watch any video broadcasts with regular modem technology?

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