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KaZaA to offer subscriptions

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 24 Apr 2002 12:22

Australian-based KaZaA, owned by Sharman Networks, announced that it will offer a paid subscription model for users who want to use the software without seeing any ads. Meanwhile company also signed a deal with world's biggest ad network, DoubleClick, to sell their advertisement space through the ad giant.
KaZaA has added various "features" recently, including virus/trojan-like spyware bundles, advertising spyware and other nasty stuff which has lead CNet's to remove the software from its software archive where it used to gather millions of downloads monthly.

Annoyed by the spyware and other crap Sharman has added to the once-mighty KaZaA, bunch of hackers have created spyware-free version of the tool called KaZaA Lite which ultimately is the same software, just all the advertisement features removed from it. Now KaZaA says that they're preparing to send cease-and-desist letters to those sites distributing the software (we were suspecting something like this and refused to add the software to our site) which has so far gathered nice 100k+ downloads from the semi-official KaZaA Lite site.

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