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Sony sends DMCA notice to Blizzard

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 May 2002 11:15

Sony has delivered a DMCA takedown notice to game company Blizzard to stop distributing Sony's copyrighted music tracks over P2P networks. Allegedly some of the Blizzard's employees have been running P2P tools on their work computers and sharing copyrighted music to their peers.
Blizzard's memo to employees states: "Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted audio, video, graphics, software and/or any other files (e.g., commercial recordings, films, or software) is illegal. Providing these files over the Company network through peer-to-peer file-sharing programs (ie. Kazaa, Morpheus, EDonkey, Gnutella, and similar programs) or by other means puts both the user and Blizzard in jeopardy of being held liable for copyright infringement. As you can imagine, this risk is not one that the company is willing to take."

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