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CD-R prices to increase?

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 28 May 2002 12:57 User comments (2)

Talk about dj vu! It was in the May 2001 when were reading news about increasing CD-R prices. PC World even tried to scare us with tripling prices back in the 2001. And if I recollect correctly the summer 2001 wasnt the first time that increasing CD-R prices were predicted.
I personally didnt see anything significant happening to CD-R prices here in Finland and I dont think that there were any drastic changes in other market areas either. Of course the price increases by the manufacturers may have affected the profit markets somewhere in the value chain, but the shop shelf prices have been steady or declining. I dont think that there is need to stockpile at this time either.

Taiwans optical disc manufacturers are rolling out long-anticipated price increases in CD-R discs. Per-unit contract prices of blank discs for June are up by roughly US$0.02 at top-tier manufacturers, while those at the small-to-medium disc makers average US$0.015.

First-tier companies Ritek, CMC Magnetics and Prodisc Technology, which focus on high-speed disc products, have marked up June contract prices by US$0.02 to US$0.025, or a 5-10% rise. Unit quotes for their 40x and 48x CD-R discs currently range from US$0.18 to US$0.22

The price adjustments are being made amid rising prices of polycarbonate, the key plastic material used in CD-R substrate. However, industry sources said they also reflect the higher price points of high-speed discs, which are becoming the industry standard as major disc makers convert their lines to produce 48x discs.


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2 user comments

129.5.2002 2:22

I first heard it in september 1999, if I remember well (France), prices were to increase "the next week", according to the salesman, but nothing happened. It was the same in 2001, we talked about it a lot, but still nothing. However, I can't say if this time it's true or not. In France, a branded CDR is about 1.80 (in a box of 10 CDRs with thick jewel cases). It had dropped to 1.50 around year 2000, now it's 1.80 again.


229.5.2002 23:58

I'm not worried about it. In fact, current prices are SO low, I've often wondered at which point it becomes more expensive to *ship* the discs to stores, than the actual discs themselves are worth. Don't forget, widespread DVD-R use is imminent. It *fully* has the potential to render cd-r impotent. (Or at least much less desireable than it presently is). It may or may not supplant cd-r altogether, but I'm convinced that cd-r prices will always remain at or near their current level. My 2c worth. -- Mike The Klingon --

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