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Pioneer annouces: DVR-7000 is bugged - a fix is coming up

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 11 Jun 2002 13:27

Owners of the $1,800 DVR-7000 device are experiencing a glitch, the company confirmed Tuesday. The problem doesn't affect the recording of discs, but it will prevent the players from functioning properly, according to Pioneer spokeswoman Amy Friend. Friend would not give further details on the nature of the glitch, but she said it could be corrected with a simple upgrade.
"The problem is not likely to impact the vast majority of could affect the playing of discs, but it's unlikely," Friend said. "It's a software programming issue and is corrected with an upgrade that we're distributing to dealers so they can get it to their customers."

Pioneer has sold 50,000 players in Japan and 9,000 elsewhere, mostly in Europe and North America, according to Friend. Sony's RDR-A1 recorders, which were manufactured by Pioneer, are also affected by the glitch. So far, Sony has only sold the player in Japan and has not set a ship date for the United States.

Friend added that for consumers who purchase the drive after June 10, the glitch in the players will already be fixed.

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