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RIAA wants to have broadcast flag on digital radio

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 18 Jul 2002 5:09 User comments (1)

RIAA said that it is contacting IT and consumer electronics companies to negotiate on possibility to include "broadcast flag" on all future digital radio broadcasts.
RIAA wants to have the ability to "tag" all digital broadcasts, whether they're send through Net, cable, satellite or regular broadcasting stations. The aim is to make all consumer electronics and software solutions to recognize the flag and not to allow further distribution or saving the streaming if the flag is set.


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118.7.2002 9:10

I'm not a physic and I don't have a crystal ball, (just a lot of silly opinions and unsubstanciated predictions) but...... People are only going to tolerate so much. For everything the RIAA manages to come up with, and subsequently manage to actually get *implemented* (two different things), there will be a horde of hackers to circumvent, diffuse, nullify, workaround, patch and render inneffective their latest and greatest attempts. It may just take a while. The RIAA is currently huge and persuasive and carries a ton of clout - the end product of decades of screwing artists around. But even Whales can find themselves beached up on the shore. I view all these continuing RIAA announcements and initiatives as those of a global conglomerate beginning to see the end of things as they have come to know. I sense more than a little desperation in their announcements. The RIAA will eventually have to sob into their beers instead of their customary champagnes as the Internet-At-Large continues to justly undermine the unfair foundations the RIAA has created for it's own self-interest. The RIAA is eroding. It's "time" is coming. Artists and the paying public are getting progressively more tired of being constantly boned up ...... Even Rome eventually capitulated, and some day our children's-children's children will wonder what the hell the 'RIAA' used to mean. I'm not worried about any of this. I chuckle as I watch the beached-whale washed-up on the shore, floundering in the sand. My .02c worth. -- K.A. --

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